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Wisdom Teeth Pain: Symptoms, Causes & Remedies

Wisdom Teeth Pain: Symptoms, Causes & Remedies

Wisdom teeth are the last teeth to break through the gums. They grow at the very back of a person’s mouth. There are normally four wisdom teeth in total, with one in each of the furthest corners of the top and bottom gums.

Pain in the wisdom teeth may resolve on its own, but in some cases, it will need either active home management or treatment in a hospital or dental surgery.

How can you recognize this unique pain?

1. You’ll feel wisdom teeth pain at the back of your mouth, behind your molars.
2. If you look into a mirror, you may even notice that your wisdom teeth have begun to poke through your gums.
3. The area might also be red, inflamed and tender to the touch.
4. Some people, however, don’t have any visible symptoms of wisdom teeth pain.

Causes of Wisdom Tooth Pain
Painful wisdom teeth can occur for a number of reasons. Perhaps your wisdom teeth have come in crooked, can’t fit properly in your mouth, or have led to an infection around your teeth. Regardless of the cause, painful wisdom teeth can really impact your overall oral health and should be treated immediately.

Here are some home remedies for wisdom tooth pain until your dental appointment.

1. Ice pack – Applying an ice pack to the jaw can help reduce inflammation, which in turn may relieve pain.
2. Saltwater rinse – Sometimes, a build-up of bacteria in the broken gums around wisdom teeth can be the cause of pain. As such, rinsing with salt water may help treat the infection and reduce the discomfort.
3. Over-the-Counter Pain Relievers – They can help temporarily ease the discomfort associated with painful wisdom teeth.

While these steps can lessen wisdom tooth pain temporarily, You should make an appointment to see your dentist if your wisdom teeth are causing severe pain.