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Why Teenagers Should Opt For Invisalign Teen

Why Teenagers Should Opt For Invisalign Teen

Teenage is the period during which a child begins to discover who he or she truly is and develops their personality accordingly. Fixing their crooked teeth and smile is a vital aspect of this. Most teenagers do not choose to put metal braces in their mouths because of the discomfort and concern about how braces may influence their appearance. Also, it forces them to make many visits to the orthodontist.

Invisalign Teen, on the other hand, is ideal for teenagers’ hectic schedules. It uses a series of clear, personalized, removable plastic aligners, much like normal Invisalign. No one will know you’re wearing them! If you are a teenager, there are numerous advantages to selecting Invisalign over traditional braces.

Less Noticeable

Teenagers used to be confined to treatment options that included standard metal bands, wires, and brackets. You can now avoid these with the help of Invisalign Teen. You also no longer have to deal with the embarrassment and ridicule that comes with wearing braces. Every day, these aligners work to improve your smile, and you can assure that they will go unrecognized.

Comfortable, Convenient & Less Painful

The aligners are smooth and custom-designed to fit your teeth flawlessly, with no brackets or wires to irritate you. Also, they are removable. You can take them out for brushing, to eat, to take a photo, which is pretty convenient.

With metal braces, each tooth has a large anchor. If you aren’t careful, these might dig into your lips and cheeks, and causing pain. Invisalign may cause some discomfort initially since it is meant to gradually correct your teeth’ alignment, but it is far less painful than metal braces.

Easy to Clean and Maintain

When it comes to cleaning and flossing, metal braces can be a hassle. Many teenagers will neglect to brush or floss their teeth due to the difficulty of maintenance. However, washing Invisalign braces is significantly easier than cleaning metal braces when necessary. Invisible aligners keep your mouths and braces cleaner and more hygienic.

No Food Restrictions

Certain foods, including popcorn, whole, raw apples, caramel, and other chewy, sticky, or hard foods, must be avoided when wearing braces. However, because these aligners are removable and can be taken out to eat and drink, you can eat whatever you want.

Shorter Treatment Time

The treatment process with wired braces can take an average time of 2 years. Invisalign Teen, on the other hand, requires a shorter time to complete treatment. The duration of treatment varies between 6 and 18 months. Teens will like the fact that they will only have to wear their aligners for a shorter period of time.

As you’ve seen, there are numerous reasons for a teenager to choose Invisalign Teen. These aligners are practically invisible, do not impose dietary restrictions, no more painful moments, more comfortable than braces, and do not require you to give up any activities!

Wassan Dental Center, as the Diamond Provider of Invisalign, teenagers, and their parents are no longer concerned about the limitations of traditional braces. Feel free to book an appointment now!