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What Can You Do to Fix a Gummy Smile?

What Can You Do to Fix a Gummy Smile?

A gummy smile, in its simplest form, is when there is too much gum showing while smiling. The easiest way to identify a person is when they show a narrow band of gums when a person smiles. For some, this ratio of teeth to gums is not a problem. Although the gummy smile is generally regarded as a cosmetic issue rather than a functional one, it can affect your daily life.

You can make yourself aware of your appearance and avoid even laughing or smiling in social situations. The gummy smile is more common in women than men. Some experts say that 14% women and 7% men have excessive gum (gingival display). Fortunately; there are many ways to treat gummy smile depending on its causes.

Reasons for Gummy Smile
• Gummy smile teeth could seem short due to gum tissue covering the partial portions. So the teeth’s height, size, and shape are small in comparison to the gum.
• Abnormal dental development during childhood may cause of excessive gum tissues on teeth.
• The size and shape of upper lip is affecting your gummy smile. The small size of the lip will more have exposed your gum tissues. The lip movement also will affect your gummy smile.
• Overgrowth of the upper lip jaw will make it difficult to smile without lifting up and showing your gums, so this will expose your excessive jaw tissues.

Solutions for Your Gummy Smile

There are a number of dental treatments are available to correct your gummy smiles. One of the solutions is orthodontic treatment or surgery. With this, you can push your teeth upward and can smile without being bothered about gummies. Wassan specialty dental center is providing the best Orthodontic Treatment In Muscat, Oman. We offer best and effective solution for you. Our orthodontic treatment can correct your position of teeth before the provision of dental restoration such as implants or crowns and bridges.

You can reshape your gummy smile with laser treatment. This will remove your excessive gums. It makes your teeth will be more visible, and your gum tissues will be reduced. Taking crown lengthening treatment is another solution for gummy smiles. It helps to reduce the amount of tissue that surrounds your teeth.

We at Wassan Specialty Dental Center offer various services to make your smile more beautiful. Make an appointment with our dental expert to discuss your options. If you require further clarification and more details, please contact us.