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How to Keep Your Teeth White While Wearing Aligners

How to Keep Your Teeth White While Wearing Aligners

When you begin orthodontic treatment to straighten your teeth, the only result you want is to ensure that your smile is as healthy and bright as possible when your aligners are removed.

Brushing and flossing are important oral hygiene practices to maintain throughout treatment since they can assist improve the appearance of teeth in the meantime. All of these factors contribute to your teeth’ brightness and whiteness.

Invisalign does not discolor your teeth. Wearing aligners for 22 hours a day is recommended. Nothing happens during the other two hours of the day when the aligners aren’t in your mouth. The shade of your teeth is determined by what you eat and how well you keep them clean, not by the Invisalign aligner.

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During the treatment, you can use whitening toothpaste to keep your teeth clean and white. Brushing and flossing at least twice a day is usually recommended by our dentists, but when it comes to orthodontic treatment, it is crucial.

While drinking coffee, you must remove your clear aligners. Coffee is terrible for discoloring teeth because coffee includes certain ingredients that induce pigmentation to stick to the teeth.

Before re-inserting their aligners, patients should brush and floss their teeth after each meal or snack. They can simply rinse their mouth and then clean the aligners by holding them under warm running water if they don’t have access to an Invisalign cleaning system or a toothbrush.

Patients should visit their doctor if they have any queries about proper hygiene techniques. For the continuing health of a patient’s teeth and gums, regular dental examinations and cleanings are required.

Adopting Invisalign is a great way to not only acquire straight teeth but it’s also a suitable way for everyone to whiten their teeth at the same time.

As already mentioned, throughout the procedure, it is essential to follow your dentist’s guidelines. If you haven’t started your healthy smile process with Wassan Dental, the best orthodontics treatment provider in Muscat, Oman, this is the time to begin.

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