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Take a Smiling Selfie and See Your New Look with Straight Teeth

Take a Smiling Selfie and See Your New Look with Straight Teeth

Your smile is one of the most important non-verbal indications that you choose to convey your happiness and approachability towards others. Also, your smile has the ability to express your confidence. People who project their self-confidence often own an excellent smile. Having white and straight teeth go on an extended way towards building confidence within yourself.

If you are lacking a confident smile within yourself, deciding to transform your smile is simple. But choosing the apt possible way will not be quite easy as many treatment methods are available. Braces, bonding, implants, veneers, and many more.

Why Invisalign?

Orthodontics has advanced greatly over years making it possible for people of any age to benefit from the advantage of a properly aligned set of teeth. Traditionally orthodontic treatment used metal braces to align the teeth. However, with the arrival of Invisalign, the orthodontic treatment is completely revamped. Apart from regular braces, they straighten teeth more comfortably, within a 6 months period of time. Moreover, Invisalign clear aligners make daily oral hygiene easier along with straightening your teeth.

Here we introduce a new smile assessment tool Smile view. For better assistance for your smile correction, all you need is to click on and take a selfie of your smile showing your teeth. Click to upload the image or you shall retake it. After that fill up the details on the page displayed and click on the submit option after completion. The program will show you a new smile within 60secs. You can expect this look after the Invisalign treatment. On receiving your details, we shall arrange a call back to discuss further details. Based on your convenience, you can proceed accordingly.

To achieve your dream smile with straight teeth, contact us today to book an appointment with our Invisalign Specialist.