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Toothy affair

Toothy affair

Oral hygiene has gained a lot of importance in the recent past. Primarily the reason being, people have become extra conscious about their physical appearance and more importantly their smiles. Your smile can say a lot about you and not just that, a smile can affect the way in which people perceive you as well. The best part of having a winning smile is – it’s contagious, brings in positivism, and makes you look more attractive.

If that’s not enough we at Wassan Dental can help you perfect your smile with customised solutions. Before we get into how we can help you with your smile, let’s start from the very basic of oral hygiene tips that you can use at home.

  1. Flossing – at least once a day
  2. Brushing – twice daily
  3. Finish it with a good quality – Mouthwash
  4. Avoid foods loaded in sugar and carbs.
  5. However if sugar is your weakness follow the golden rule of skipping sugary food before bed.
  6. Consider including cheeses, chicken or other meats, nuts, and milk.
  7. Additionally crunchy fruits and vegetables like apples, pears, carrots and celery can also prove to be beneficial.
  8. Moreover something as easy as drinking water can also help you maintain whiter teeth. Yes, it’s true more water can flush off the bacteria from your teeth and out of your mouth, there by reducing the risk of gum diseases, fewer cavities and fresher breath.


All of the above tips collaboratively can help you prevent cavities and dental plaque. It is also equally important to schedule a dental appointment once every 6 months, to help you spot a problem at the onset.

Should there still be a persisting problem, then that is where we are happy to help you. We provide an entire range of dental treatments to help you. For more information you can visit us on


Happy Smiling!