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Tips for the New Invisalign Users

Tips for the New Invisalign Users

The Invisalign treatment is considered to be a supernatural process where there are no braces or wires connected to your teeth. This is because people do not notice your crown as it is invisible in nature.

Wassan is the leading Diamond Provider of Invisalign in Muscat, Oman, which gives you the best orthodontic experience ever! We would guide you throughout your treatment providing the best set of aligners. The new users might have a lot of queries regarding the usage of these invisible braces. Yes, there is a bunch of habits to be practiced while using Invisalign. Here are a few for you to keep in mind while undertaking the treatment.

Use 20-22 Hours Daily

While using Invisalign, the teeth are gradually aligned because of the micro-movements. The patient might feel awkward while wearing this for hours due to the shifts performed inside the mouth. Thus, we should manage and help our teeth to get shifted from their original position to the right position, and it takes time, therefore, strictly wear your Invisalign for at least 20-22 hours daily.

Remove the Aligner While Having Food

Eating with your Invisalign is a cause for bacterial growth. It’s fine to drink water when using aligners. Coffee, tea, and other dark beverages, on the other hand, will stain your aligners over time. As a result, aligners must be taken out when eating and drinking.

Brush Your Teeth after Ever Every Meal

Fluids could easily reside inside the aligners. If you leave your teeth without cleaning after every meal, there is a chance of getting tooth decay. Brushing and flossing your teeth after each meal is essential for maintaining a healthy & clean mouth. As a result, your aligners will be cleaner and bacteria will be less hazardous.

Clean Aligners

Aligners must be cleaned thoroughly at least twice a day. Do not use hot water because it might warp the plastic. Also, stay away from toothpaste and mouthwash, which include granules, chemicals, and coloring agents that could damage and discolor your aligners. Rinsing aligners in lukewarm water is preferable. White foams can also be used to keep them clean.

Regular Tray Change

Since the tray you receive is not permanent, it must be replaced every 1-2 weeks as advised by your orthodontist. Each set gives your teeth a fresh look. If you don’t change your aligners at regular intervals, your teeth can drift back to their original position. The amount of pressure applied to the teeth causes them to move swiftly. In the same way, lack of pressure might have the opposite effect.

Go to Your Checkups Regularly

Invisalign check-ups are absolutely required. This is due to the fact that dentists must be aware of the tooth’s movements and be willing to experiment in order to find the best solution. The Invisalign treatment consists of a series of aligner trays that are replaced at regular intervals. As a result, go check the status of the desired output.

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