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Bring your practice to the next level: The iTero Element 5D imaging system

Bring your practice to the next level: The iTero Element 5D imaging system

The iTero element is an optical impression device used to capture topographical images of the teeth and oral system. It is a terrific investment to help you give your patients the finest care possible, whether you’re upgrading or making the switch to a digital workflow. It’s the first hybrid dental imaging system designed for ease of use that simultaneously records 3D, intraoral colour, and NIRI images, doing away with the need for several instruments and repetitive sterilising. Additionally, you may keep your patients interested by using iTero TimeLapse technology to help them visualise diagnostic, restorative, or orthodontic comparisons.

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As a precise, full-color scanner that streamlines orthodontic and restorative workflows, the new Element 5D expands on the existing lineup of Element scanners. The scanner is available in two configurations: a wheel stand (cart) and a scanner-only device, which turns any compatible laptop into a portable scanner. The latter configuration is a useful choice for practises with multiple locations that require a scanner that is convenient and easy to transport. 

You can’t compromise the quality when it comes to dental products, the scanner has a single button that you may use to start and stop the scanning process. It is conveniently located on the side of the scanner, where your thumb can easily access it while holding the scanner. The scanner’s ergonomics appear to have been carefully considered. Its size and weight are what fall short.

The scanner of the Element 5D has a built-in fan. This makes it considerably simpler to scan within the mouth for prolonged periods of time without the scanner fogging up. Built-in fans in scanners are now the industry standard, so it’s wonderful to see them in the Element 5D as well.

The first intraoral scanner to use near-infrared imaging (NIRI) is the Element 5D. With the use of this technology, you may instantly scan a tooth’s interior anatomy. Without the necessity for radiography, this feature can be utilised as a diagnostic tool to find interproximal carious lesions above the gingiva and to track their progression. It’s a truly remarkable and original feature. It’s wonderful to see iTero innovate and release a new product.

When compared to other scanners on the market, the Outcome Simulator is one of the most well-liked features of the iTero scanners. It is among the scanner’s top features. In a nutshell, after you have completed full arch scans, the outcome simulator produces an orthodontic alignment movie. This can be done in front of the patient and is a very effective motivational technique for people interested in Invisalign or orthodontics.

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