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Improve Your Little One’s Smile with Invisalign First

Improve Your Little One’s Smile with Invisalign First

Repairing your child’s teeth early in life is the greatest approach to effectively clean any plaque or bacteria accumulation that may be difficult to access due to misalignment causing tight and concealed spaces. These areas are ideal for dangerous bacteria to grow, and we all know that kids aren’t always good at managing their oral health.

Would you consider metal braces for your children? You’ll have to think twice about it! Because, with Invisalign your child can achieve excellent outcomes, without pain, better hygiene, and without food restrictions.

Invisalign First is for kids, which is a clear, plastic teeth aligner that could be a better option than metal and traditional braces. For kids who don’t like the look of braces, Invisalign is a more discreet solution that is also easier to maintain.

They are tailored to your child’s specific dental requirements. Since they are invisible, children do not feel embarrassed in front of others, and also will not feel irritation that could occur with braces. There are no dietary restrictions.  While eating, drinking, and brushing can remove the aligner to maintain comfort.

If your child is between the ages of six and ten, they can begin phase one of Invisalign First treatment to receive their clear aligners and prevent serious dental problems before they begin.

Being a Diamond Provider of Invisalign, Wassan Dental is here to improve your kid’s smile in a better way. The process begins with a consultation to see if your child is a suitable candidate for Invisalign First. If your child’s orthodontist receives approval, he or she can begin taking x-rays and imprints of your child’s smile. The x-rays and impressions will be sent to an Invisalign laboratory, which will create a unique aligner for your child.

You will be scheduled to visit once the aligner is ready to be fitted to his or her smile. Depending on your child’s condition, a complete set of aligners or just one jaw may be required. Attachments may be necessary on the surface of some teeth.

We suggest starting with a check-up to see if your child has any early orthodontic requirements that need to be treated. Book our appointment now!