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Invisalign First for Kids

Invisalign First for Kids

Invisalign First is an orthodontic treatment device specially designed for young children. Invisalign First can be used by orthodontists to correct issues with arch development and expansion, tooth crowding and spacing issues, tooth protrusions, and the overall appearance of a child’s smile. The specially constructed device, or alignment tray, is custom fitted and is designed to gradually expand the jawline of a growing child.

Wassan dental center is excited to offer Invisalign® First as an alternative treatment for widening the upper arch. The aligners are designed for patients with a mixture of permanent teeth and baby teeth. In accordance with the goal of early treatment, Invisalign® First can correct a broad range of younger patients’ malocclusions, manage erupting dentition, and guide dental arch expansion.

Invisalign® First works by expanding and contouring your child’s jawline through what is known as dental arch expansion. The dental arch expansion involves moving your child’s teeth over time to increase the width of their dental arch.

As a one and only Platinum Elite Invisalign Provider in Oman, we will evaluate your child’s situation and explain if Invisalign® First will be an option.

One of the great benefits of Invisalign First trays is the ease in which children can still consistently attend to maintaining great oral health care. When a child needs to brush and floss their teeth, they simply remove the tray(s) and perform their brushing and flossing as usual. The alignment tray is easy to clean as well and children can easily adapt to performing one additional chore in their oral care routine. For meals, children simply remove the alignment tray before eating and drinking and reinsert it when finished. By avoiding the difficult task of trying to remove food debris and bacteria from the more traditional wired braces, children can expect an overall higher level of good oral hygiene.