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How to Maintain Strong Tooth Enamel

How to Maintain Strong Tooth Enamel

Enamel refers to the tooth’s fragile outer coating. It protects the tooth’s visible crown, which is located above the gum line. Enamel is translucent even though it is the top layer. With a mineral content of 96%, tooth enamel is the most mineralized tissue in the body. Dental enamel is strong and resistant to degeneration thanks to these minerals, which also contain calcium and phosphate. However, as you age, your mouth and teeth may gradually lose their mineral composition. Demineralization, which weakens tooth enamel and might eventually lead to dental decay.

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There are plenty of ways to maintain strong tooth enamel.

Since you can’t properly treat your skin if you don’t know what’s wrong, the first step is to educate yourself on the symptoms of damaged tooth enamel. You may have experienced indications of tooth decay such as roughness, sensitivity, and yellowing of the teeth. A healthy enamel will be translucent or semi-transparent. Demineralization eliminates the translucent enamel layer, exposing the white, grey, yellow, or off-white dentin layer. As a result, your teeth start to look more yellow. Sensitivity describes how weaker teeth may be more sensitive to foods that are hot, cold, or sweet because dentin is exposed when enamel is gone. Additionally, early dental enamel loss, particularly around the edges of your teeth, can cause roughness.

Limit your sugary foods and drinks is one of the methods to stay your teeth healthy. Bacteria in your mouth consume sugar from food and drinks. After that, they create acids that erode and destroy your enamel. Chewy, sticky candy can also damage your teeth. Soft drinks may include extra acids.

Over Brushing is another one problem so, avoid over brushing, if you brush too quickly and forcefully, you risk wearing down your enamel. A soft-bristle brush should be held on your gums at a 45-degree angle. After that, gently move it back and forth a tooth’s worth of distance in short strokes. After consuming sweets or citrus fruits, you should wait up to an hour before brushing your teeth. Acidic foods have the potential to soften enamel and make it simpler for you to harm it.

Use Fluoride toothpaste, it can increase the benefits of brushing for protecting enamel. The enamel’s resistance to acids is increased by the naturally occurring mineral fluoride. Additionally, the mineral can hasten the re-absorption of minerals by tooth enamel and halt the progression of early decay.

Food plays an important role in your teeth, eating food that protects enamel is the best method to protect your teeth’s enamel. Acids in your mouth that promote decay are balanced by calcium in diet. Additionally, it supports strong bones and teeth. Milk, cheese, and other dairy products help protect your enamel.

Get Regular Checkups, reserving some time for your teeth is not at all a bad option, visit your dentist for a check-up and cleaning every six months to maintain the health of your teeth. They are able to identify potential problems like tooth grinding or cavities before they cause serious harm.

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