Invisible braces treatment is best suited for individuals having high concern for esthetics due to their nature of job and lifestyle. Also for Adults who are embarrassed to have braces that show.

In this type of treatment braces are fixed on the teeth from inside with the help of specialized bonding technique. Treatment time is almost the same as visible braces. Adaptation period for invisible braces is around one week Speech alteration will be present for around one week to ten days. After initial Adaptation period speech becomes normal.

Lingual braces

These braces are totally invisible ideally recommended for adults who cannot compromise on their looks.
Lingual orthodontics (Invisible braces treatment) is best suited for: YUPI (Young Urban Professional Individuals), also Individuals from IT Sector, BPO, Aviation & Hospitality Industry, TV Serials, Front Office Staff, Doctors & Lawyers. Good for interns, MBA students about to appear for Job / Visa interviews. Also suited for Individuals of marriageable age or married persons.

There are three type of lingual braces:

A) 7th generation ormco brackets

There brackets are big and protruding. Speech alteration is present for fifteen to twenty days because of presence of hooks. Results are good.

B) STB braces

They are the smallest bracket available which are less protruding and very comfortable to the patient throughout the treatment. Speech problem is non-existent with this appliance. Results are similar to the 7th generation Ormco Brackets.


Ormco Brackets


STB Braces


Incognito Braces

C) Incognito braces

Incognito braces (also known as iBraces) are state of the art in the lingual appliance technique. This bracket is a significant advance in patient comfort and mechanical design for improved lingual treatments.
Each bracket is individually manufactured for each of your teeth providing the thinnest possible attachment and a perfect fit. The gold alloy used to make these braces is extremely hard and can therefore be made as thin as possible for additional comfort.